Sunday, September 27, 2020

Advisory Committee

ASAPconnect is committed to working cooperatively with others and to providing the after school TA community with authentic resources and services. ASAPconnect is also committed to not reinventing the wheel and to be an efficient and effective resource for the field. To ensure that these ideals are upheld, ASAPconnect’s Advisory Committee was established to provide regular input on planned activities, offer suggestions for future initiatives, and ensure that the ASAPconnect remains focused and viable.

The ASAPconnect Advisory Committee is a geographically and professionally diverse group of individuals that meets quarterly to advise the ASAPconnect staff to chart the course of ASAPconnect.

Member Position Organization County
Carlos Santini Vice President of Programs After-School All-Stars Los Angeles
Tia Quinn Executive Director BOOST Collaborative San Diego
Frank Escobar Manager After School Programs Visalia Unified School District Tulare
Mara Wold CDE After School Regional 5 Lead Region 5 After School Partnerships Monterey
Reba Rose Consultant Stand Tall Leadership Alameda
Bruno Marchesi Program Manager Heathy Behaviors Initiative  Sacramento
Nora Zamora Program Manager California After School Resource Center Alameda
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