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ASAP Quality Framework

ASAPconnect, in partnership with technical assistance (TA) providers across California, aims to enhance the quality of TA for after school programs.  TA has been defined as ongoing, needs-driven support services to create effective and quality before and after school programs.  Effective TA delivery starts with TA providers possessing the Foundational Competencies.  In addition to the Foundational Competencies, TA providers may utilize a range of TA strategies to impact the quality of after school programs.  ASAPconnect has defined and outlined core competencies for five strategies including training, mentoring, coaching, consulting and providing and brokering resources.

In order to utilize resources effectively, ASAPconnect conducted a research review and consulted with field leaders to identify the following key guiding principles for effective TA delivery.  Effective TA should:

  1. Be Driven by Program outcomes
  2. Be Locally Determined
  3. Promote the Transfer of Learning
  4. Focus on Developing Leadership
  5. Promote Alignment with the School Day
  6. Be Inclusive

Furthermore, ASAPconnect utilized the above working definition to develop a framework that defines key foundational competencies and core TA strategies that, together with a thorough assessment of client needs, leads to effective after school TA delivery.  This framework and the corresponding documents will serve as a resource for professional growth and development for after school TA providers in the field.

The framework depicted below demonstrates that all providers offering TA to after school programs should, ideally, be competent in all the foundational competencies.

new ta framework with logo Page 1
Recognizing the importance of being responsive to the unique needs of each after school program served, a comprehensive needs assessment is critical to the effectiveness of the TA support offered.

Each core strategy is meant to stand alone and to represent what we believe are five of the most utilized strategies for providing TA to after school programs in California, including (1) providing and brokering resources; (2) providing coaching; (3) providing consultation; (4) providing mentoring; and (5) providing training.  Each core strategy has a list of competencies that the field might expect of a provider offering that TA.  We realize that some groups or organizations may, in fact, offer all of the listed core strategies.  However, many TA providers offer only a few of the strategies or may be highly experienced in one area but less seasoned in other areas.  By separating out the core strategies we can support TA Providers in identifying and strengthening the key competencies necessary for conducting each particular strategy.

TA providers who are competent in the three foundation competencies and utilize one or more core strategy with competence will lead to "Effective TA Delivery" as previously defined.  It is ASAPconnect's vision to build TA providers that achieve effective TA, with the ultimate goal of better supporting after school programs.

Chart 1 ASAPconnect Quality TA Framework
Framework for Effective TA Delivery

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