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Broker Resources

ASAPconnect, in partnership with technical assistance (TA) providers across California, aims to enhance the quality of TA for after school programs. TA has been defined as ongoing, needs-driven support services to create effective and quality before and after school programs. Effective TA delivery starts with TA providers possessing the Foundational Competencies.  In addition to the Foundational Competencies, TA providers may utilize a range of TA strategies to impact the quality of after school programs. ASAPconnect has defined and outlined core competencies for five strategies including training, mentoring, coaching, consulting and providing and brokering resources.

The following competencies serve as a guideline for professional growth and development for TA providers who “Provide and Broker Resources” in the field.

Definition of Providing and Brokering Resources: Making up-to-date research, policy and relevant information available on the basis of identified need; creating a systematic or collaborative approach to managing technical assistance services that strengthens partnerships and leverages resources for programs. NOTE: Examples of resources include, but are not limited to human, program, materials, and community funding resources.

Core Competencies

  1. Knowledge of Subject Matter and Resources

    1. Effectively uses knowledge of current requirements in state and federal statutes pertaining to school age care programs, such as 21st Century Community Learning Center, After School Education and Safety Programs and other relevant school age care requirements.
    2. Effectively uses knowledge and current research of the characteristics of quality before and after school programs to assist programs in their growth.
    3. Shares knowledge of local financial, in-kind sources and key sustainability strategies.
    4. Uses knowledge of school age curriculum to support program development such as:
      1. Math
      2. Language Arts
      3. Science
      4. History and Social Science
      5. Health (mental & physical, including life skills & character education)
      6. Physical fitness
      7. Visual and performing arts
      8. Technology education
      9. Community Service Learning/Community Service/Volunteerism
      10. Internships
    5. Uses knowledge of programming best practices and strategies, such as:
      1. Behavior management
      2. Engaging parent involvement
      3. Youth Development Approaches
      4. Leadership Development
      5. School Alignment
      6. Higher Education & Career Planning
      7. Staff Management
      8. Program Management Strategies
      9. Exemplary/Promising Practices
    6. Uses knowledge of program dynamics and child development for:
      1. Working with Elementary Students
      2. Working with Middle School Students
      3. Working with High School Students
      4. Working with ELL Students
      5. Working with Special Needs Students
  2. Make and Build Connections Between Client and Resources

    1. Ability to identify what resources are needed
    2. Assess readiness of program to use resources
    3. Connect resources to client
    4. Provide access to tools and curriculum for programs
    5. Follow up on the usage, effectiveness, implementation of resources
    6. Envision possible partnerships and resources to access
    7. Support programs in building and sustaining partnerships
    8. Assess effectiveness of partnerships
  3. Brokering TA Using a Systematic and Collaborative Approach

    1. Identifies and convenes key after school stakeholders.
    2. Utilizes principles of collaboration to facilitate partnerships with key after school stakeholders to provide support to after school programs.
    3. Identifies and addresses common needs among programs by maximizing resources and delivering or brokering services.
    4. Effectively manages time and resources for working with specific programs to ensure measurable outcomes.
    5. Seeks partnerships with a range of TA providers in area to leverage resources and provide comprehensive services.

Broker Resources Self-Assessment Tool

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