Building Our Leaders and Dreamers


Inspired by the Instructional Leadership Corps, a professional development model developed by the California Teachers Association, the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education and the National Board Resource Center, the School of Leadership & Facilitation provides professional development to site level leaders who work in California Expanded Learning programs (e.g., after school, summer learning, intersession). Designed by ASAPconnect, an annual leadership cohort builds the capacity of accomplished site level leaders. Participants are tasked with facilitating dialogue that inspires action to integrate the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning at their sites and organizations to continuously improve the quality of their programs.

ASAPconnect, Flyte Studio, and two college freshmen (Program Assistants) who participated in a similar program in high school are now translating the program with high school students in this inaugural youth leadership cohort. The program is funded by the Expanded Learning Division of the California Department of Education.

bold vision

Our shared vision is to apply all that we have learned from our highly successful School of Leadership & Facilitation and afterschool leadership programs to a diverse group of youth who are participating in expanded learning programs throughout California and who are eager to build their leadership skills and make an impact in their community. What kind of leaders are needed to build a future that embraces compassion, authenticity, and empowerment of others? BOLD leaders.

We will engage the youth in exploring their natural strengths and talents, building facilitation skills to leverage throughout their academic and professional careers, establishing mindfulness practices to be fully present in all they do, and building social capital through their growth and actions.

program goals

Participants will receive training and mentoring support in:

  • Strengths-based leadership skills

  • Facilitation methods

  • Mindfulness practices

important dates

Virtual Learning Community (VLC) Calls:

All VLCs will take place at 3:30-5:00 p.m. on

Feb 17, Feb 24, Mar 17, Apr 21, May 19, Jun 16

(Dates are subject to change. Special VLCs may be added, including a culminating event.)

participant commitments

1. Ensure school work continues as your top priority while you are participating in the program.

2. Take the CliftonStrengths assessment.

3. Identify and document three focus areas for the program:

One or more of your strengths or talents

One or more skill to build/deepen

One or more areas to impact change in your community

4. Actively participate in a minimum of five of the virtual learning convenings (VLCs) listed above. VLCs will include understanding your strengths, facilitation skills learning and peer practice, mindfulness practice, ideas for and practice using technology tools to facilitate conversations virtually, presenting successes and challenges, sharing “I am From” poems, breakout discussions, and may include special guests.

5. Document progress in your chosen focus areas in a digital portfolio. This may include videos, facilitation questions used, pictures or screen captures, notes, communications, reflection summaries, as examples.

6. Start or deepen your own mindfulness practice and document the impact of your mindfulness practice in your digital portfolio.

7. Be paired with one of two college freshmen (Program Assistants) who participated in a similar and very successful leadership program during high school (one now at Stanford and one at UC Berkeley) to mentor you throughout the program. Schedule and meet with your Program Assistant for mentoring six times (30-60 minutes each).

8. Request feedback from cohort peers, your Program Assistant mentor, and/or others and analyze it for your own continuous leadership growth.


The inaugural BOLD cohort is underway! Applications for the 2021-2022 cohort will be open later this year.

There is no tuition fee to participate in BOLD.

Participants who successfully complete all program commitments will earn a $600 program completion award.

Please contact Julie Groll at if you have any questions.